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Chapter 1: Progressive Wave Rising?

For our first episode, the FAQ crew introduced ourselves and the podcast, and then Azi and Harry sat down to ask tough questions to John Liu—the man who might have been mayor now if not for a looming federal investigation, and who’s hoping to get back on the progressive wave and return to public office.

Everything is happening at once and again and it’s all coming back to New York City. What is it about this place?

On FAQ NYC, we’re aiming to find some answers: about how Donald J. Trump made his bones here and about the cops and teachers and crooks and kids and about the statesmen and conmen who are all cheek and jowl here.

To get those answers, longtime journalist Azi Paybarah, professor Christina Greer and Daily Beast editor, Daily News columnist and semi-pro crank Harry Siegel, with producer Alex Brook Lynn (really), take one story each week and — along with occasional guests — drill past the headlines and soundbites to bring you inside the story you think you know. We’ll be talking with and about the smartest and strangest people in the city for 45 minutes each week. Join us as we dig into what’s happening now and how we got here.

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