Like an Alt-Weekly. But Alt-Daily. And Local to the World.

People. Art. Politics. The Academy. Music. Justice. Conservation. Humor. Medicine. Anger. Food. Popula is blog posts, comics, photographs, profiles, reported pieces and personal essays. We're fascinated by the news that keeps happening after the news is over, by origins and archives, by food and public spaces, and how people create them. We’re the old-fashioned avant-garde.

Popula is published on a blockchain-based platform. This isn't a gimmick. It lets us offer ad-free journalism and art produced to the highest standard, and permanently archived and protected against tampering or censorship by government or corporate interests.

Things Unseen. Literary history. Fashion. Cartoons. PRESS FREEDOM, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, and A REAL democracy not a bunch of charlatans PRETENDING. Soap Operas! The old Internet! The new Internet! Distributed computing. Blockchain tech. Media manipulation. Countering bad criticism. Disasters.

We’re still mad. But fun.

Popula runs on Civil.

Civil is a self-governing marketplace that powers a free and sustainable press, while taking advertisers and other third parties out of the equation. Its platform supports independently run newsrooms focused on producing local, investigative and policy journalism.

Civil’s blockchain-based model enables a more direct, transparent connection between Citizens and Newsmakers and strengthens protections for journalists against censorship and intellectual property disputes.

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