Think Again.

Everything happens fast and nothing is unexpected and everyone is unhappy. That's the state of things now, mostly. The world of instant posting and viral reach, which once seemed to be opening up new possibilities for new voices, has become bleak and unhappy. What's inside your screen is stimulating and compelling and hopelessly boring in the same way that poking your own sore tooth is stimulating and compelling and hopelessly boring.

Hmm Daily is here to do something else. Our mission is an old one and also, fundamentally, a new one: We are here to write and publish things that people can't get anywhere else. We will give writers the chance to do things they can't do anywhere else.

The media have always contained, by avoidance and omission, the blueprint for a different sort of medium. The people making Hmm Daily have collectively spent more than half a century living out these possibilities—from the pasted-up pages of beloved and notorious alt-weekly newspapers to the internet-only existence and nonexistence of Gawker and The Awl.

We're here to criticize the culture and to make new culture, to say the things nobody else might say and to listen for the things we haven't heard yet.

Hmm Daily runs on Civil.

Civil is a self-governing marketplace that powers a free and sustainable press, while taking advertisers and other third parties out of the equation. Its platform supports independently run newsrooms focused on producing local, investigative and policy journalism.

Civil’s blockchain-based model enables a more direct, transparent connection between Citizens and Newsmakers and strengthens protections for journalists against censorship and intellectual property disputes.

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