Meet the Team

Cannabis is rich territory for serious journalism. Legalization raises urgent questions about regulation and law, technology and taxation, science and business, criminal justice and individual liberties. It stands at the intersection of a booming billion-dollar industry and promising advances in medicine, all while remaining federally illegal.

That's where Cannabis Wire comes in. Nushin Rashidian and Alyson Martin, the journalists who founded the publication, have been covering cannabis for national and international publications, and pushing for more responsible coverage of the legal cannabis industry, since 2010.

Legalization is rapidly spreading across the country and the globe. Cannabis Wire will focus not on the arguments about whether cannabis should be legalized, but instead cover the robust debates over how. These debates all too often bypass voters, as the industry and its regulators, advocates, and opponents trade shots on everything from DUI standards to where to send new tax revenue.

Cannabis Wire will also investigate the social and economic complexities that come with legalization, providing deep-dive analysis on evolving policy matters. It will serve as a watchdog of emerging influences and special interests in a new industry shared by those who desire regulation and those who exploit the grey areas.

Cannabis Wire Runs on Civil

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