Blockchain: A New Way Forward for Journalism

At Civil, we’re passionate about promoting a new model for journalism. The current media climate is largely built on a dated, ad-driven model that is not sustainable in an increasingly digital economy. Blockchain technology unlocks two key business features for journalists:

Self-governance mechanisms that incentivize good content while making it difficult — and extremely expensive — for trolls, spambot and others to seed misinformation.

Permanence of archives. No single party or group can “unplug” archives. Blockchain's distributed ledger makes it nearly impossible to delete without the consensus of a massive, independent network.

Civil is not a publication itself, but a marketplace for independent publications (or “Newsrooms,” as they're known on Civil) focused on local, investigative and policy journalism. Journalists retain full editorial and business autonomy. They are accountable to their readers alone — not advertisers, not disinterested publishers... Just readers.

Meet the Newsrooms Running On Civil

To date, more than 30 journalists across five Newsrooms have founded publications on Civil. Journalists writing for Civil come from publications including The New Yorker, Gawker, The Awl,, DNAinfo and the LA Times, among others.